The best distraction-free device that writers have ever known
by Walter Blaire on Mon, May 19, 2014

While traveling, I’ve been writing on the best distraction-free device that writers have ever known.

The Alphasmart Neo is a rugged, heavy, matte-plastic gizmo that was once marketed to grade schools for classroom use. It’s a full-size mechanical keyboard connected to an LCD screen that only shows four lines of text. On such a device, it’s easy to write without detours into facebook, email, calendars, reddit, or really any activity invented after 1992. The Alphasmart works wherever you wouldn’t want to pull out a full laptop.

Many writers have professed love for the Alphasmart!

Trust your retro-technolust. You can find these on eBay, and buy them for about the cost of a few movie tickets. Three AA batteries = a solid month of writing. So tough it will outlast the cockroach.

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