Views from the Eternal Front

Pinterest has my back
by Walter Blaire on Thu, Aug 11, 2016

When I go on a picture binge on Pinterest, each pin is begging for explanation and backstory. German soldier in a huge furry jacket? Yep. Soldiers with rifles dressed like medieval knights? Got you covered. Trying to explain these pictures generates more details for the eternal front stories.

Picture of a peculiar child
One of the peculiars

I think that’s how Ransom Riggs found inspiration for his Miss Peregrin’s Home for Peculiar Children book – with real historical photos (that were also peculiar).

Forget the politics and societies of WW1, there are so many fascinating details just about the trenches that the Lines of Thunder Universe will never run out of ideas. Plus, it’s science fiction so I can add giant robots and locomotive-powered rolling war balls!

Pinterest is where I keep my boards for casting characters like Caulie, the panther, and Nana & Culleyho.

I also have a catch-all board for research:

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