Word Clouds for the Books

Turns out I write about trenches
by Walter Blaire on Fri, Sep 8, 2017

Every writer eventually arrives at the point in their career where they think, “Wait, what am I writing about again?”

Word clouds are a highly efficient way to get a thousand-foot view on your work, and so much cheaper than bourbon-fueled deep dives into why you obsess over a massive trench war a thousand light-years away…

I used a nifty python script that lets you superimpose your clouds over images, so the words take the color of the images. You can’t really tell, but I used planets from my solar system (also your solar system).

First I had to remove the “stop words” – the frequently-occurring glue-and-filler words like “the,” “of,” and “then.” The clouds were still full of junk… so then I removed some of the invisible words that show up in narratives, like “said.”

Lines of Thunder: The First Days on the Front

We clearly need a TextExpander combo for ‘lieutenant’

The Eternal Front

The main characters have a love/hate thing with Diggery…

What the Thunder Said

Yay! Grampharic made it into the cloud!

So if you take out the characters… I’m apparently writing about Haphans, Tachba, and Trenches. Now I know.

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